How do I get a job?

If you're looking for a job in marketing, advertising or public relations, here are answers to some common questions.

Where should I look for jobs?

  • Matt's List  - make sure you look each week, and scroll down to see what jobs were posted in past weeks
  • AAF Buffalo 

How can I get a job in marketing, advertising or PR?

1. Be good at what you do.
2. Know the right people.
3. Be in the right place at the right time.

Who should I be talking to?

It depends what you want to do. You should research different types of jobs. Look up different companies in town that have those jobs. Read the Business First Book of Lists. Figure out what companies you want to work for. If you connect with me on LinkedIn, you should be able to see my contacts — many of whom are in marketing positions at local ad agencies and companies.

Can you introduce me to ___________?

Maybe. If I know you (or you were recommended by someone I trust) and I think you're a good fit, then I may be able to make an introduction.

Are you hiring?

No. Sometimes I hire freelancers for help with a specific project, but I am not hiring any employees at this time.

What else can I do?

  • Make sure you have a professional LinkedIn profile
  • Don't have typos in your resume (or cover letter or emails...)
  • Respect people's time
  • Recognize that if someone is hiring, they don't care about you — they care about the work that's piling up on their desk and the fact that they have to hire someone to take care of it
  • Culture matters — think about how you'll fit into a company
  • Be likable; most people don't hire jerks
  • Stand out (in a good way — don't be creepy)
  • When you find a job you really want, let the hiring managers know you really want it
  • Let everyone know you're looking for a job; you never know who knows someone who could hire you, especially in a small town like Buffalo
  • Be informed — if you're going for an interview, read the company's website, look them up in the news, and talk with people who know what they do
  • Clean up your social media profiles — your potential future boss will be looking at them
  • Consider doing a freelance project for a company (for a fee or at no cost) to prove that you can do the work

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