Joshua Wright

“The authors of EVERYDATA have masterfully distilled an applied statistics textbook into a ‘best of,’ highlighting the most relevant and valuable parts we all need to navigate today's world of big data. I cannot recommend this book enough.”

– Joshua D. Wright, professor of Law and Economics, George Mason University and former commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

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Esther Duflo

“With fun and verve, John and Mike take us through the essential steps to becoming a sophisticated consumer of the data that surrounds us. Don’t be fooled by the cheerful tone and the lack of grandiose claims: if they succeed in educating us (and I am sure they will), the result will be more discerning consumers, better stewards of their own health, and, most importantly, a better democracy.”

– Esther Duflo, professor of Economics, MIT, and co-founder and co-director, J-PAL

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Bradley Horowitz

“Access to data is a critical driver of knowledge, curiosity, and innovation. But we need to understand how to interpret the data to tap into the wealth of possibility it creates. John and Mike are helping to spread that wealth by teaching us how, in everyday language, to confront the deluge of data we receive every day. An invaluable read!”

– Bradley Horowitz, VP, Photos and Streams at Google

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Paul Walsh

"In today’s data-saturated world, knowing how to use and interpret data is a true strategic advantage. In EVERYDATA John and Mike walk us through how we should and shouldn’t use data to make decisions in our lives. They do it simply, clearly, and with unexpected humor! I can’t imagine a more relevant read."

– Paul Walsh, VP of Weather Analytics and Meteorologist, The Weather Company

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